Membership Benefits

As a member, you will receive access to comprehensive financial and legal advice for only R435 per month!

Direct access to the very best 
financial opportunities in the world

The Club's investment advisors are constantly seeking the best and most relevant financial opportunities for Club members. In addition, they continually design innovative plans, which Club members can use to increase their wealth with the help of targeted financial planning advice and experienced investment management advisors. 

Exceptional worldwide investments 

By investing in the correct investments at the right time, you can participate in the action that plays out in all the major economies of the world. You will be provided with the very best international and local investment opportunities – many of these opportunities only require small amounts of capital.

Unique wealth-generating instruments

To ensure exclusivity and confidentiality - complete details of these unique instruments are only revealed in the Club's Quarterly Reports.

Personalised advice

  • Tailor-made share portfolios;
  • Fully-developed business opportunities and
    business management solutions;
  • Tax savings, retirement and estate planning tailor-made for your needs;
  • Wills, trusts, business contracts and lease agreements;
  • Company law, labour law, intellectual property rights and
    any other legal matters;
  • Annual penny share portfolios;
  • Speculative, short-term, share trading opportunities
    …and much more!