Professionally Prepared
Quarterly Reports:

Open new doors to financial and personal prosperity. The Club makes things happen for its members.

These confidential documents give you complete details on the latest financial opportunities and plans as researched by our in-house financial planning advisors. The Reports are prepared with rich content of the highest standard. From the moment you touch a Report, you will know that it is an exceptional document with the power to aid in your long-term financial growth. 

Other important issues and pertinent
advice at just the right time:

You will also be advised on other important matters, which may arise, from time to time, and that could affect your and your family's wealth and security. Financial planning advice will always be made available to our members to ensure their future financial security no matter what might occur. Sometimes, fast communication and action is necessary to instantly be able to use red-hot opportunities that are backed by investment advice. As a result, the Club will regularly send you an Express Insight Newsletter via e-mail.

Assistance in implementing the
advice in our Quarterly Reports:

Our in-house experts offer their extensive experience and skill to deliver investment advice and top-quality financial planning advice to Club members. The Club provides a unique service, which gives Club members direct access to the Club's experts in order to implement the advice that is contained in the Reports.

An in-depth review of your personal
investment portfolio every 6 months:

You can see your total net worth in one place, and we provide financial planning advice in terms of the moves to make to reduce taxes and fees in order to build true wealth.

All-inclusive financial
and Legal Advisory Service:

Additional, confidential, financial and legal advice is available to members who need help or assistance with all of their financial and legal matters. Consequently, Club members have access, at all times, to the finest, independent advice for their personal and business use. You will receive professional advice on what to do through our investment management advisors and our financial planning advice will keep your finances working for you. The Club's effective communications network is available to Club members via e-mail, telephone, courier and personal consultations, when necessary.

Additional, confidential,
financial and legal advice:

Advice on any topic of interest to you. Let's say you read about an investment opportunity, but you want a second opinion on whether or not you should go for it. Our experts will provide investment advice and financial planning advice to help you make profitable decisions over the long term.